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Welcome to my painting journal. I just LOVE to paint! I created this blog to introduce myself and my artwork. In this way you can become familiar with my paintings. You can also learn about my latest exhibits. I am lucky to be married to an incredibly encouraging husband. I'm also the mother of three fantastic sons; I am so proud of them. Through my sons, I have been rewarded with their wonderful wives and five amazing grandsons. They all enhance my life. Their love and encouragement are projected into my artwork. I enjoy imaginative challenges and they stimulate my creative growth. I'm hooked on watercolor painting because it IS so challenging. My artistic process has often become a spiritual process for me. When my visualizations come alive on paper, I experience a great sense of fulfillment. Painting energizes me. It is a very exciting and therapeutic experience. Feel free to contact me at: michelefeinberg@hotmail.com

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Recently I was commissioned to paint my impressions of a client's dearly loved Harley Motorcycle. It began as a real

challenge to paint because of all its details. However, as I progressed with it, I really enjoyed painting it. It's show here.

What do you thing of "Love My Harley"?

I accept COMMISSIONS to comply with your individual tastes.
Are you looking for a distinctive piece of art to satisfy a special need?

I can help you artistically portray a cherished possession, or immortalize a visual representation of your home. Some, like my husband, love old automobiles. I can visually recapture that vintage car you once owned (or still have).

You can have your particular mental image depicted on individualized stationary or cards.

Here's a commisioned painting I completed of two brothers in a scene from their summer vacation called "Brotherly Love".

Their Mom and Dad were quite happy with their likeness.

"Love My Harley"

"Love My Harley"
Commissioned Painting

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love
Sam and Dylan

We love to Travel

My husband and I love to travel. Some of my paintings are inspired by the places we have visited. Next week we leave for Southeast Asia. My husband served in Viet Nam in 1965-1966. He has always wanted to return and now we have a chance to do it. We'll also travel to Bangkok, Thailand and Angkor Wat, Cambodia. I intend to keep a sketchbook and to eventually recreate my impressions in paintings when we return. Look for them here his summer.

We travelled through South America and Patagonia in December. I have sketches of it in my travel journal. However, I really haven't had an opportunity to paint that experience as yet. This was especially exciting because our ship actually crashed into a barge, tying up international travel in and out of the Port of Montevideo for days.

Other countries visited include Spain, Portugal, France, Israel. Jordan, Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. Most recently we re-visited China. It certainly has
changed a lot since our first visit there in 1997.

The following two paintings were inspired by our travels in Israel. We were there in December, 2006.

Climbing Into The Past

Climbing Into The Past
Impressions of street in old Jerusalem, seen in my 2006 vacation in Israel.

Past Wonders

Past Wonders
Impressions of Beit Shean area in Israel I visited in 2006.